Electric vehicle parts business
Safety plastic®Energy Absorbers are automotive safety parts that absorb shock in car crash situation to protect passengers. They are compliant with US automobile regulations.
DAEJIN ADVANCED MATERIALS signed an auto parts cooperation contract with 과 Group in the US in 2020.

Parts design

SAFETY PLASTIC development process: Design and development of the collision area through 3D simulation according to the interior shape of automobiles
Overhead system designed and applied for simulation

Parts production

Vacuum forming process
Various applications compared to EA foam
Lower unit price compared to EA foam
Smaller storage space compared to Rib Cartridge
Reduce transportation cost compared to Rib Cartridge
Lower mold cost compared to Rib Cartridge

Management of parts quality

Energy Absorbing Test
Rigorous quality control systems through Energy Absorption Testing
Collision testing
Collision testing to satisfy
automobile safety standards


Door System
Door System
Overhead System
Overhead System
Bumper System
Bumper System

Global Client

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