Eco-friendly Material


As a concept that includes existing biodegradability, bio/photolysis, chemical degradation, etc., the disadvantage of biodegradation is that a degradation accelerator is used to shorten the indicated complete degradation period to 1 to 5 years, and control the final biodegradation period.

Carbon reduction type

Bio-based plastic is infinite as manufactured from bio-materials, and carbon dioxide is reduced as petroleum is not consumed. It can be recycled differently from biodegradable plastics with the same properties as conventional plastics.

Development of eco-friendly raw materials and products (mass-production development)
  • Research and development of biodegradable raw materials in progress -> Search for patents and commercialization methods
  • Development of eco-friendly raw materials with inorganic substances, e.g. coconut and starch powder in progress
  • Eco-friendly raw materials -> commercialization (fabric and vacuum molded products)

Eco-friendly raw material development (R&D)
  • Research and development of eco-friendly raw materials for 0% micro-plastics

Recycling System 
Finding a business plan for managing and using recycled materials
  1. All scraps of products used by our company are recycled.
  2. The problem of bio-destructible, bio-degradable products (rotting plastics), that is, micro-plastics are solved by recycling business
Eco-friendly plastic development

Coconut powder + PP → Food container replacement

Short-term objectives

Development of carbon-reducing materials + mass-production of food containers

Long-term objectives

Biodegradable plastic

Ideas related to carbon reduction
- Three blends of biomass/universal resin + biodegradable resin
- Resin blending using compound materials (e.g. PLA+PBAT, PLA + starch-based additives.)

University of Michigan Co-work

- IDEA Of biodegradable plastics, IDEA, is a biodegradable food container using PHB (polyhydroxybutyrate), a material known to be derived from natural products.
- Food container development
- May also be used as an eco-friendly tray for industrial use

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